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What do you need to do after a car accident in Atlanta?
Dr. Summer TurnerOct 9, 2020 10:55:43 AM8 min read

What Should I Do After A Car Accident In Atlanta?

Car Accidents happen every day in Atlanta, Georgia, even to the most careful drivers.

After a car accident, you will probably be overwhelmed with emotion.

The very first thing you should do after you’ve been in a car accident in Atlanta is to stay calm.

Knowing what to do after an accident is relatively straightforward, but it’s not always easy when emotions run high.

Keeping your calm after the automobile accident will help you document the wreck more thoroughly and accurately.

Even after an accident, It helps to review How To Prevent A Car Accident In Atlanta for the next time you're out on the road.

You can use the tips below to prepare yourself to handle the stressful aftermath of a car accident to ensure your recovery and make the claims process more efficient and effective.

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Move To A Safe Area and Check For Injuries

Accident victims should immediately check for injuries after the crash. 

If you or anyone else involved in the accident is injured, call 911 to get an ambulance on the scene.

You should also call the Atlanta police department to get a police officer at the accident scene so they can file an accident report.

This ensures that you get an official accident report that you can give to your insurance company. Police reports are often crucial pieces of evidence when you file a claim for damages. 

If your vehicle damage is not too extensive, move it off the main road and out of harm's way.

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Document the Accident and Protect Evidence

Takes pictures of the accident scene, the vehicles involved, everyone involved, any visible injuries, and anything else that might help explain the how and why of the accident.

Pictures taken as soon as possible are most valuable. If you don't have a camera for some reason, see if a passenger or bystander can take photos for you.

Be sure to take pictures of the damage done to all vehicles, even if you were involved in a minor car accident.

Snap a few pictures of the other party's license plate and evidence like street signs, lights, skid marks, etc.

Once you get in touch with an experienced attorney after your accident, be sure to tell them about any other crucial evidence you think might be necessary.

Things like faulty street lights or signage, malfunctioning equipment like your seat belts, turn signals, and weather conditions can all be essential information to provide to your legal representation. 

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Information exchange after an auto accident in Atlanta

Exchange Information

After an accident in Atlanta, Georgia, all parties should exchange names and insurance details with each other. This way, an accident investigation and injury claim can be adequately defined.

While you might want to talk in-depth about the accident, it’s best to limit your interaction with the other driver so you don’t accidentally admit guilt.

You’ll want to get as much information as you can, including:

  • Name, address, and contact information of the other driver.
  • Insurance Card Information.
  • Each Parties License Plate Number
  • The other driver’s phone numbers.
  • Witness contact information.
  • Photos of any damage.
  • Police report number.
  • Police officer’s name and telephone number.
  • Personal notes on what happened during the incident.

If you have a smartphone, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers WreckCheck, a free app that records accident details, like the time of the accident, and lets you create written and audio details.

Once you're done, it emails everything to you or your agent.

Also, many insurance companies offer a similar app, so your insurance company may offer a free smartphone app to help you document the crash's details.

If you don't have a smartphone app but have a pen and paper handy, you can draw a diagram of the scene and make notes about how the accident occurred.

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Determine What Insurance Applies

After being involved in a car accident, one of the biggest headaches is dealing with insurance companies, knowing your insurance policy in full, and speaking with an insurance adjuster.

How the insurance claims process shakes out for you after an accident depends on what type of accident you were involved in and who is the party at fault. 

If the at-fault party was the other driver, their property damage liability coverage would pay for repairs up to their policy’s limit.

Medical bills would be covered up to the limits of the negligent driver’s bodily injury liability coverage.

If the other driver is uninsured or doesn't have enough coverage to pay your bills, your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverages would pay.

The liable party's expenses will be handled similarly.

Collision coverage will pay for repairs up to the vehicle’s actual cash value minus a deductible.

Their injuries would be paid for by medical payments coverage or MedPay, working in tandem with health insurance coverage.

Emergency roadside service comes in handy if you need a tow to the repair shop.

This service is available with a AAA membership. Still, it’s often cheaper to get emergency roadside service from your auto insurer.

The only downside is that using it will count as a claim, and claims can cause your rates to go up.

Rental car coverage pays for a rental while your car is in the shop.

Be aware that you’ll probably need collision and comprehensive coverage to add rental car reimbursement and emergency roadside service.

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Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

After serving our communities for over 40 years, the Arrowhead Clinic of Atlanta has learned that next to receiving prompt medical treatment, the most important thing to do after a motor vehicle accident is to contact an experienced car accident lawyer. 

Personal injury attorneys are skilled in several practice areas, like wrongful death, trucking accidents, slip and fall cases, premises liability, and automobile accidents.

Anyone injured in auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, or any motor vehicle accidents will need the help of a personal injury attorney, especially if your injuries were due to the negligence of the other driver.

The Arrowhead Clinic can help you get in contact with an auto accident lawyer who can help you with the legal aspects of your auto accident claim. 

The main goal of your auto accident attorneys will be to make sure you receive fair compensation that covers the expenses after your traffic accident. 

If you're injured in a car crash, you will need to be able to pay for things like your medical treatment, the damage to your car, lost wages, and the pain and suffering resulting from your crash.

Personal injury laws are complicated and confusing. When dealing with physical injuries after your Atlanta car accident, the last thing you need to worry about is figuring out those laws and fighting with the at-fault driver.

That's where your personal injury comes in after your car crash in Atlanta, GA.

If you intend to file a personal injury claim for compensation after your car accident, please don't do it alone.

Many people think that because they can use Google to search the internet, they can figure out how to represent themselves and file an accident lawsuit on their own. 

But during that Google search, you will likely find a lot of conflicting advice. One website will say something about car accidents, and then another might say the exact opposite.

After your accident in Georgia, you need to know exactly what to do without confusion.

That's why you need to turn to the experts right away. If you come across a problem, they will know how to solve it.

Due to years of schooling, training, and experience handling car accidents, your motor vehicle accident attorney will know what steps to take following your accident.

For the best chance at a successful car accident case, look for experienced crash lawyers to assist with your case. 

Fortunately, most car accident claims are settled outside of court. And, if you have an experienced law firm on your side, you are much more likely to get maximum compensation for your losses. 

But if the at-fault driver and their insurance company refuse to accept responsibility, your case could very well end up in court.

If this happens, you need accident experts by your side the entire time.

When selecting the accident law firm to represent you, find one that takes the attorney-client relationship seriously and one that offers a free accident case review. 

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See A Chiropractor

Even before you speak to your car accident lawyer, you need to seek medical treatment to protect your overall well-being.

That's where the Arrowhead Clinic comes in.

After a car crash, early care and treatment are critical for a quick recovery, especially after suffering serious injuries.

The sooner you can get evaluated by a medical professional, the sooner they can develop a treatment plan and the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

Minor accidents can still cause injuries, often of which symptoms don't show up until days or possibly weeks after the accident. 

That's why you should always make sure to see your Atlanta Accident Chiropractor as soon as you can.

Your chiropractor will adjust your spine if necessary and may recommend massage or foam roller techniques to help aid in relief from any pain or discomfort you may be having.

They can also give nutritional counseling and prescribe exercises that will help aid in the healing process and help you regain your full range of motion.

Your chiropractor will provide all of your medical records to your experienced car accident attorney who will use this information in your compensation claim. 

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Contact Our Atlanta, Georgia Injury Team Today

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident and you've suffered car accident injuries, contact the accident doctors at Arrowhead Clinic of Atlanta today.

The Arrowhead Clinics have been serving Georgia communities for more than 40 years.

That allows them to provide medical care for car accident injuries like neck pain, headaches, muscle stiffness, numbness and tingling, back pain, and other symptoms that go along with the accidents.

They will also refer you to an experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia to help with your insurance claim.

If you're ready to schedule your Free Consultation with the Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, contact us today by clicking the button below.

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