Dr. Johanna Cole

Dr. Cole is of Dutch and Guyanese descendant and a native of Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in Nashville, TN where she earned her B.S. in biochemistry: applied/pre-med at Lipscomb University. Dr. Cole graduated from Life University in 2017 with her Doctorate of Chiropractic. She is certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and licensed to practice in the state of Georgia. She has a soft touch when caring for her patients and specializes in a variety of techniques; Full-spine diversified, Thompson, Activator, SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique), extremities, and Gonstead. She considers herself a “Mixer” of techniques. Dr. Cole gained experience in family practice and personal injury while interning at Collier Chiropractic and Back to Genesis Chiropractic in Austell, Ga, respectively. Prior to relocating to Brunswick, Ga, Dr. Cole trained intensively under the guidance and support of the Arrowhead Clinic doctors of Atlanta, Ga in the Gwinnett, Marietta, Decatur, Cascade, Riverdale, and McDonough locations. Dr. Cole is a great violinist and praise dancer. She finds value in going to church, family fellowship, and time with her precious pup CoCo.
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Are Chiropractors Real Doctors?

A Comprehensive Look at Chiropractors

Chiropractic care is widely considered the first holistic medicine because it focuses on treating the whole person, not just the affected area of the body. 

Unfortunately because of its holistic roots, there are people who question whether chiropractors are real doctors not.

Chiropractors are legitimate doctors, and we will explore why in the article below.

Table of contents:

Unfortunately, the question of whether or not chiropractors are legitimate doctors is one that still has to be answered today.

In the world of medicine, chiropractic care, or the practice of treating musculoskeletal injuries, seems to hover in somewhat of a grey area.

It lingers somewhere between standard health care and alternative medicine.

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Your Guide to Spinal Adjustments & Decompression for Acute Disc Herniations

Chiropractic Care for Acute Disc Herniations

Chiropractic Care has been known to be one of the most popular alternative treatments that is used to treat those who are suffering from a herniated disc. 

Seeing a chiropractor to help with your pain and recovery is an all natural and effective form of treatment that does not rely upon surgery or prescribe addictive pain medications. 

In this blog, we tackle the topic of herniated discs and how chiropractic care can lead to relieved pain.

Table of contents:

Chiropractic Care for Disc Herniations 

If you are suffering from a Herniated Disc then you know how debilitating it can be on a daily basis just trying to get everyday activities completed. 

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A herniated disc is a condition where the disc protrudes out of the normal radius in the spine. When someone is suffering from this condition they may not even realize anything is wrong until the bulging disc presses on the nerve in the spinal column, which will, in turn, start to cause excruciating pain. 

A herniated disc can not only cause pain but also a loss in your natural range of motion.

Herniated disc pain is a debilitating spinal condition that can be very painful to live with, so needless to say, finding the right Doctor and the right treatment is crucial for recovery. 

Chiropractic Care is one of the most popular alternative treatments used to treat those who are suffering from herniated disc injuries. 

Seeing a chiropractor to help with your pain and recovery is an all natural and effective form of treatment that does not rely on surgery or prescribe addictive pain medications. 

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Why Does my Chiropractor Need an X-Ray?

Why Are X-rays Taken at the Chiropractor?

X-ray testing is one of the most heavily used chiropractic diagnostic tools during a patient's initial visit to the office. 

These advanced machines provide your chiropractor with a much deeper understanding of your body’s internal layout so the best possible treatment plan can be accurately developed.

X-ray machines are extremely useful in chiropractic practices, and we are going to discuss why in this blog. 

Table of contents:

When you arrive at a Chiropractic Clinic, one of the most important elements of chiropractic care is diagnostic testing.

The most essential part of chiropractic care is to provide a proper diagnosis to patients.

Chiropractic doctors utilize a variety of diagnostic techniques to help them fully understand what is happening in each patient's musculoskeletal system.

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Fix Acid Reflux Disease With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care and How It Can Help With Acid Reflux

Studies show that an abnormal curvature of the spine combined with back muscle weakness can have a substantial effect on the development of acid reflux.

With chiropractic care, the curvature of the spine can return to its normal state and reduce or help eliminate acid reflux symptoms.

With the blog, we discuss acid reflux, the causes, and how to help this condition with chiropractic care therapies.

Table of contents:

Did you know that acid reflux is one of the top health-related internet search queries and is a common condition among millions of Americans?

It is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world, especially affecting middle-aged and the older segment of the population.

Shockingly, even pediatric populations are developing GERD symptoms at an appalling rate. Failing to properly treat GERD symptoms or can lead to ulcers and esophageal cancer.  

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What To Do After A Work Injury 

What To Do Immediately After a Work Injury 

Workplace injuries can be tricky, and dealing with company policies as well as medical help can be a lot.

If you find yourself with a work-related injury, there are important steps to take.

In the blog, we compiled a list of the three most important steps to take after being involved in a work-related accident. 

Table of contents:

3 Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury 

If you are suffering from an injury that occurred on-the-job, you are probably entitled to receive workers' compensation for the injury that you suffered.

Most employers are required by state law to provide workers' compensation benefits for their employees. 

The workers' compensation process can be difficult to understand, especially if you have never had to go through it before.

There are steps that need to be followed immediately following the incident if you want to receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Not sure if your situation constitutes a workplace injury? Read our blog post, Common Work-Related Injuries  

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Most Common Personal Injury Accidents that a Chiropractor Can Treat

What are the Most Common Personal Injury Accidents that a Chiropractor Can Treat? 

Chiropractors are known for treating patients who are suffering from personal injuries.

What is a personal injury? Are there ones that chiropractors treat more often than others?

In this blog, we answer those questions and more.

Table of contents:

Personal Injury Accidents Treated by a Chiropractor 

At our Chiropractic Clinic we see many patients who have suffered an injury due to a Personal Injury Accident. 

Being involved in a personal injury accident can cause victims to suffer from a multitude of injuries. 

At Arrowhead Clinic we see a variety of personal injury cases, and we provide chiropractic care to address the pain and injuries without using addictive pain medications or surgery. 

The most common Personal Injury Accidents are discussed below.

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Will Your Personal Injury Claim Cover Chiropractic Care?

Covering Chiropractic Care with a Personal Injury Claim

Finding a Rehabilitation and Chiropractic clinic that provides proper accident injury treatment and appropriate documentation for your injuries is detrimental to your claim.

Seeking chiropractic treatment after an auto accident or in sudden impact injuries is common and recommended for a fast and natural recovery.

In this blog, we discuss how to prove your medical expenses from a personal injury accident and going about treatment.

Table of contents:

If your neck, back, or spine was injured in a car accident and you have made a personal injury claim, the insurance companies of the responsible party are obligated to pay necessary medical costs--or, at least some of it.

If you can prove that your medical expenses were necessary to your recovery, then the insurance company will be responsible for covering your medical expenses, and that includes any chiropractic bills.

When you’re injured, you shouldn’t be worried about racking up debt or paying off medical bills.

When an injured victim files a personal injury claim against the liable party, the cost of the medical care and other necessary expenses is included on the plaintiff’s damage award.

Chiropractic doctors specialize in treating "soft tissue injuries" such as strains, contusions, whiplash, and strains.

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How Long Do You Have to see a Doctor or Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident?

How Soon Should I Seek Chiropractic Care and Personal Injury Attorney After an Auto Accident? 

Most professionals advise going to a Car Accident Chiropractor immediately, and never wait longer than 72 hours after an accident.

72 hours is regarded as the "reasonable" amount of time by an insurance company.

After this time they may have the right to deny your injury claim and prevent you from receiving the compensation you need. 

A personal injury attorney helps the injured victims deal with the insurance companies and fight for your right to compensation for your medical bills and treatments. It is wise to contact an accident lawyer as soon as you start treating your injuries. 

In this blog, we discuss what actions to take following a car accident regarding medical treatment and legal steps.

Table of contents:

Waiting is never a good idea when it comes to a Car Accident Injury. You can never act too soon to seek help after a car crash and should do it as soon as possible.

Ideally, visit a chiropractor within 72 hours of the accident because this is regarded as a reasonable amount of time by insurance companies. Chiropractic medicine is a holistic form of treatment that does not rely on medication, surgery, or other invasive procedures. Whiplash is the type of car accident injury most often treated by chiropractors.

You should see a lawyer at about the same time you see a chiropractor.

You always want to talk to a lawyer before you talk to your insurance company.

Seeing a lawyer at about the same time you see a chiropractor will ensure that your treatments are properly documented.

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What Doctor Should I See After an Automobile Accident?

What Doctor Should I Go See After a Car Accident?

After being involved in an auto accident it is best to find medical help from a doctor that is skilled dealing specifically with Auto Accident Injuries.

Finding a medical clinic that takes a multidisciplinary approach is usually the best option.

Having Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists on your side will drastically speed up your recovery.

In this blog, we discuss automobile accident injuries and what doctor is best to visit following your crash.

Table of contents:

Who Should I See After a Car Accident?

A Car Accident is the last thing you plan for or expect to happen. The moments after a Car Accident can be very confusing and hard to know what to do next.

The most important thing to do after a Car Wreck is to make sure you are healthy and free from pain or injuries. Auto Accident Injuries can create an added strain on your life, forcing you to take time off work or even making you unable to perform certain duties.

One of the biggest questions after a Car Accident is where to seek treatment for your injuries.

But you may still be asking...

What is the best type of doctor to treat my injuries and how can I find them?

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