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Chiropractic Adjustment being performed on a patient
Dr. Johanna ColeJan 31, 2019 1:36:13 PM5 min read

Why Does my Chiropractor Need an X-Ray?

Why Are X-rays Taken at the Chiropractor?

X-ray testing is one of the most heavily used chiropractic diagnostic tools during a patient's initial visit to the office. 

These advanced machines provide your chiropractor with a much deeper understanding of your body’s internal layout so the best possible treatment plan can be accurately developed.

X-ray machines are extremely useful in chiropractic practices, and we are going to discuss why in this blog. 

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When you arrive at a Chiropractic Clinic, one of the most important elements of chiropractic care is diagnostic testing.

The most essential part of chiropractic care is to provide a proper diagnosis to patients.

Chiropractic doctors utilize a variety of diagnostic techniques to help them fully understand what is happening in each patient's musculoskeletal system.

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In most patients, the chiropractor is able to determine what is occurring in the musculoskeletal system without the use of imaging technology.

X-rays are usually reserved for the more severe cases in which there may be a serious condition present, such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, or anything else.

However, X-Ray Testing is one of the most heavily used diagnostic techniques. X-ray machines provide the doctor with a much deeper understanding of the body’s internal layout.

This diagnostic technique is often thought of as antiquated, with many other imaging processes being developed since the X-ray that provides us with a deeper understanding of the body’s internal layout.

However, Chiropractic care is free of any sort of invasive procedure, like surgery, leaving chiropractors only to need to see the layout of the bones in the body, which is exactly what the X-ray provides.

As most people know, x-rays use radiation to provide an image of the dense tissue inside a person's body such as bones and teeth.

How do X-Rays Help the Course of Chiropractic Care?

X-rays are an extremely important analysis tool that chiropractors use to give them a better idea of how to treat a patient's injury or condition.

They allow the doctor to pinpoint the exact location of any spinal subluxations, whether they're in the low back, mid-back, or cervical spine.

The x-ray will guide them, letting them know which type of adjustment they should use to perform to fix the misalignment in the spine. 

X-Rays will also help chiropractors to determine the frequency and intensity of care needed for the patient to make a full recovery. 

What do Chiropractors Look for on an X-Ray? 

X-Rays will show a clear view of a patient's spinal health history. If there are any abnormalities present that could impede the adjustments, it's important for the doctor to know prior to providing treatment.

If a patient is complaining of pain in their lower back, having an x-ray performed during the initial exam will give the doctor a clear view of any potential challenges a patient may present. 

There are several important things chiropractors may look for on an x-ray. They want to see if there are any irregularities in the bones of the spine.

For example, they want to make sure there aren't any bone spurs, fractures, or cancerous spots that could become worse during an adjustment. 

The chiropractor will also be able to assess the spacing and bone density on an x-ray to see if the patient has scoliosis or another spinal disorder.

X-rays can also indicate any signs that point to problems that don't show up directly on an x-ray, like torn muscles or ligaments. 

How do X-Rays Help Track the Healing Progress?

X-Rays are a visual way for the chiropractor and the patient to track progress during care.

Having re-examinations provides a chance to see the changes to the alignment and motion of the spine that has occurred throughout a patient's chiropractic treatment process. 

X-Rays are a great example of before and aftercare imaging to show the progress the patient made during their treatment. 

What are the Benefits of X-Rays in Chiropractic Care? 

There are many benefits in using x-rays as a diagnostic tool before chiropractic treatment begins.

As opposed to lying down during the x-ray, a chiropractor has their patients stand so they can see how the weight of the body affects the movement and displacement of the bones. 

So let's recap, x-rays allow the chiropractor specific data that they use to help guide their treatment recommendations, and they are a great way to track a patient's progress from start to finish. 

Once a chiropractor understands the inner workings of the spine, they will be able to provide the best treatment and care that is tailored to each patient's specific condition and x-ray findings. 

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Chiropractic Adjustment being performed on a patient


When you come to our clinic we always perform X-Rays.

We believe in order to properly fix your pain or injury condition, we need to see the inner workings of your body.

Our doctors provide their patients with an individualized treatment plan.

This means we need to perform an in-depth exam along with the x-ray testing to find out what treatments are going to work best for your recovery. 

We always provide a free consultation to any potential patients. We want to speak with you and find out how we can best assist with your needs. 

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