Dr. Robbyn Keating

Dr. Keating joined the Arrowhead team in 2016 to continue furthering her career as a Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Keating moved to St. Louis, Missouri from Alberta, Canada in 2005 to earn her Bachelors of Science Degree at Lindenwood University while on an ice hockey scholarship. While there, she excelled in not only ice hockey, but various track and field events as well. Upon graduation from Lindenwood University, Dr. Keating furthered her education by pursuing her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan College of Chiropractic. She completed her doctorate studies in 2014 and then secured a highly sought-after position at a multidisciplinary wellness facility in the metro St. Louis area. It was there she trained under a well-respected chiropractor, who helped her hone her skills and techniques while working in a high-volume clinic. Since moving to Georgia in 2015, in addition to running the McDonough office for Arrowhead Clinics, Dr. Keating Continues her long-standing passion for playing rugby with the Atlanta Harlequins Women’s Rugby team Participates in several local ice hockey leagues Is now working on mastering her cast in fly fishing! Needless to say, the move to Atlanta has proven a success.
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Common Causes of Car Accidents

People are involved in car accidents hundreds of thousands of times every year in the United States.

Car accidents have become so common that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have started treating motor vehicle safety as one of its primary concerns.

Car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States, and they fill hospital emergency rooms.

Whether your accident is minor or severe, it can completely turn your life upside down.

Here are five steps to take after a car accident

Your accident can result in a loss of wages, physical injuries, pain and suffering, or permanent disability.

Preventing a disastrous car accident starts with understanding what causes them.

There are many factors involved in motor vehicle accidents.

In the article below, we will go over five of the leading causes of car accidents.

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Your Chiropractor Speaks About COVID-19

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, something many living people have never seen before in their lives.


Schools are closed, many businesses are closed, and most of the country is stuck in their homes.


Here are some tips on how to stay active while you're stuck at home.


COVID-19 has changed just about everything in our daily lives, and no one is 100% sure when things will get back to normal.



We've all heard the saying that knowledge is power, so in the article below, we will talk about COVID-19, and how to stay safe during these challenging times.


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How Much Does Chiropractic Care Cost?

Why Do Experienced Chiropractors Charge More?

  • They have refined their skills by working with many patients.
  • They have a stable base of clients who require their time and assistance.
  • They complete continuing education courses or updates to their original training.

Read on to learn more.


Chiropractic care is for much more than low back pain and can treat a wide range of conditions.

It can improve your posture, alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, and enhance your overall well being.

Chiropractic care gets to the root of the problems you're dealing with instead of just masking the symptoms.

Compared to many other treatment options, it is a safer, natural, effective, and affordable alternative.

Many factors will influence the cost of your chiropractic care. There isn't a "menu" price for care.

Related article: Five reasons millennials are embracing chiropractic care

In the article below, we will discuss the factors that will influence the price of your chiropractic care, so you know what to expect and can budget for your treatments.

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What Is Low Back Pain And Why You Should Be Paying Attention

How Chiropractors Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is something a lot of people will suffer from at some point in their lifespan.

Depending on the patients diagnosis and other health factors, Chiropractors will treat lower back pain with different techniques.

Here's what to do if you hurt your back

In this blog, we will discuss the ins and outs of lower back pain and how to treat your pain.

Table of contents:

Lower Back pain can be a very complicated, chronic condition that can have a large negative impact on a person's life.

According to a study on Lower Back Pain posted on ScienceDirect.com, Lower Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world, and the amount of disabilities caused by lower back pain increased 54% from 1990-2010.

But what causes lower back pain? And why are instances of lower back pain disabilities increasing?

In this article we will take an in-depth look at types of Lower Back Pain, common causes, and the different treatment options available to patients who have lower back pain. 

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Can Dehydration Cause Back Pain?

Can Dehydration Cause Back Pain?

Dehydration has many adverse effects on your body such as a backache, fatigue, dry skin, blurry vision and many other symptoms. 

Dehydration takes the water from the discs between every other vertebra in your spine causing your back to ache.

When these discs are not hydrated your spine takes the full shock of your body's movement resulting in your back hurting.

If you are experiencing back pain, you should see a chiropractor for back pain as soon as possible. 

In this blog, you will learn about the relationship between dehydration and back pain, as well as ways to stay hydrated, and how to treat back pain.

Table of contents:

Although it's a surprise to most, dehydration can cause back pain.

Hydrating your body is a basic necessity for your body to fully function and feel good.

Therefore, dehydration causes your body to function below optimal levels, causing things like back pain.

When you're dehydrated, your body reacts negatively causing you to be crabby, faint, and completely shocks your organs, muscles, and bones.

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6 Common Myths Busted About Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Myths Debunked

Don’t believe everything you have heard. Many things you might have been told are just myths. Common myths about chiropractor care are that chiropractors not real doctors or that it’s not safe.

Get the facts before you cross chiropractic care off of your list.

Don’t miss out on reducing your pain and restoring your full body function because you have been told false information. How Does Chiropractic Care Actually Work?

In this blog, we take a look at six common myths about chiropractic care.

Table of contents:

The 6 Most Common Myths About Chiropractic Care

Over the years the practice of chiropractic medicine has become widely accepted throughout the general population.

The health benefits of chiropractic care are continuously reported by patients throughout the world. 

Chiropractors pride themselves on taking a natural, drug-free approach resulting in long-lasting results for pain and symptoms relief.

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What Happens When You Crack Your Back?

Why Does Your Back Crack?

Scientists explain that synovial fluid present in your joints acts as a lubricant. The fluid contains the gases oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. When you pop or crack a joint, you stretch the joint capsule.

Gas is rapidly released, which forms bubbles. In order to crack the same knuckle again, you have to wait until the gases return to the synovial fluid.

In this blog, we take a look at back cracking and what benefits, if any, come of it. We also take a look at what treatments are best to seek for professional adjustments.

Table of contents:

Many people crack their back, knuckles, and other joints, but what is actually happening when you crack your back, and what causes the popping noise?

Experts have determined that there are a number of factors that give you the ability to crack your joints and result in the popping noise you hear.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Nashville, TN

What are the 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Nashville, TN?

Operating a vehicle is always dangerous, and it is important to be vigilant and aware of the road as you drive.

In this blog, we talk about the most dangerous intersections in Nashville, Tennessee, and what to do after a car accident.

You may also be asking yourself, Do I Need to Call the Police After a Car Wreck?

Table of contents:

Areas in Nashville, Tennessee that cause the most Traffic Accidents 

Car Accidents occur every single day in the Nashville area, leaving victims with extensive damages to their vehicles, and injuries that can range from mild to life-threatening. 

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What Can You Expect From a Car Accident Settlement - How Can our Doctors Help?

What Kind of Compensation Can You Expect After a Car Crash?

After being involved in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.

What kind of compensation can you expect? There are various kinds of settlement offers and amounts, and it depends on your specific accident case.

In this blog, we take a closer look at compensation within car accident cases and how a chiropractor can help increase your settlement amount.

Table of contents:

When you are the victim of a car accident, our doctors understand you need treatment without the stress and concern of having to pay for your costly medical bills.

If a negligent driver caused your crash, they should be responsible for all of your accident-related expenses.

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What’s the Difference Between a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist?

What is a Chiropractor and How Are They Different From a Physical Therapist?

With all of these different medical and doctoral positions, it can be confusing as to the differences between a few of them.

Another common question is Will your personal injury claim cover chiropractic care?

In this blog, we dive into the differences between a chiropractor and a physical therapist.

Table of contents:

The first step to getting relief from your pain involves you making a decision on what type of medical professional you are going to see.

To make this decision, it is important to understand the difference between Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy. 

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