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What should you do right after a car accident?
Dr. Ana KnollaNov 15, 2021 4:40:59 PM5 min read

Five Steps To Take After A Car Accident

None of us want to be involved in a car accident, so it's not something we think about often.

But, do you know what to do if you are involved in an accident?

Millions of car accidents occur in the United States every year, so there's a good chance you will be involved in at least one in your lifetime.

So when that day comes, it is essential to be prepared.

Here's how to report an injury after an accident

If you're injured in a car accident, there's a chance you'll miss work and end up with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

If another negligent driver caused the accident, you should seek compensation for your damages along with having your medical bills taken care of.

In the article below, we will discuss five things you should do after a car accident.

Table of Contents

  1. Check For Injuries And Move To A Safe Spot
  2. Call The Police
  3. Gather Information and Take Pictures
  4. Call A Lawyer
  5. Seek Medical Care


1. Check For Injuries And Move To A Safe Spot

The first thing you need to do after an auto accident is to pull over to the side of the road and check for injuries.

Check for injuries to yourself, and make sure everyone else is okay.

If you or anyone else is injured, you should call for help.

You will also need to keep track of all of your medical expenses after the accident if you have any accident injuries.

Your insurance company will need this information to decide how much to pay out for your injury claim.

If you can, move your vehicle to a safe spot on the side of the road or in a parking lot so you are out of the way of traffic.

Turn off your car and turn your hazard lights on.

Now you can check for property damage and call the police.

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2. Call The Police

Once you've moved your car out of harm's way, you should call the police to report the accident.

You should call the police even after minor accidents.

In many states, you are required to call the police to the accident scene, especially if there were injuries or property damage.

The police will make an accident report, which will help your personal injury attorney evaluate your case against the at-fault driver.

A crash report is often a crucial piece of evidence in personal injury claims.

The report will give the officers interpretation of what happened in the accident, document the parties involved, and provide more information the attorneys and insurance adjusters can use.

Ask the responding officer for their name and badge number and the report number so you can obtain a copy when it is ready.

While you're waiting, do all you can to avoid small talk.

Don't offer opinions of what caused the accident or place blame on others.

Gather the necessary information from your insurance policy and exchange information with the other drivers while you wait.

The less you say at the scene of the accident regarding the crash, the better.


3. Gather Information and Take Pictures

While you're waiting for the police and emergency services to arrive,  you should exchange information with the other driver.

Get their insurance information and their name, contact information, drivers' license numbers, license plate, car, make and model from them as well.

And again, do not make any public statements that could be construed as admitting liability, and never apologize.

Even if it seems like you were at fault, it's possible that the other driver was negligent in some way.

That's why it is best to speak at a minimum and stick to what you know.

Avoid giving opinionated oral or written statements and do not post about the accident on social media.

Document the damage done to the vehicles, including taking pictures of the damage and any other relevant evidence of the accident.

This could include pictures of skid marks, malfunctioning stoplights, etc.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, talk to them about what they saw and obtain their contact information.


4. Call a Lawyer

Every accident victim should contact accident attorneys, especially if you received medical care or had property damage.

It's essential for your accident claim to keep a record of your doctor visits and any treatments you receive.

If your vehicle was damaged, keep a record of any repairs that were completed.

Then speak with an accident lawyer and tell them about your vehicle accident, your medical treatment, and any other relevant information they can use to evaluate your case.

Choosing experienced personal injury attorneys to work with after an automobile accident can help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

The insurance claims process is complicated, and you shouldn't try to do it on your own.

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5. Seek Medical Care

Every accident victim needs to see a medical professional after their accident.

If you don't need emergency medical attention at the scene of the accident, you should schedule an appointment with an accident doctor as soon as you can afterward.

Even if you don't think you need medical assistance, you may have delayed car accident symptoms, like headaches or bruising that show up hours, days, or weeks later.

The symptoms can point to more serious, underlying injuries.

It's essential to seek a medical evaluation for your health, and it's also crucial if you want to file an insurance claim.

Insurance companies will want to see that you sought medical attention soon after an accident.

If you don't see a doctor or wait too long to see a doctor, your insurance company may claim your injuries aren't severe or unrelated to the accident, so they don't have to give you the compensation you deserve.


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