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Whiplash Injury Treatment | Chiropractor Near Me
Posted by: Dr. Ana Knolla |

What Happens if Whiplash Goes Untreated?

The Dangers of Untreated Whiplash 

If you were involved in a Car Accident, one of the most common injuries to suffer from is whiplash. A soft tissue injury such as whiplash affects the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. 

Whiplash will often occur when the neck is suddenly thrust forward and backward. This whip-like motion causes tears in the soft tissue and muscles as well as cervical spinal misalignments. 

Whiplash injuries are often dismissed as minor or something that will fix itself. Unfortunately, this dismissal often leads many victims to develop very serious complications later down the road. 

Untreated Whiplash 

Whiplash injuries are known for not presenting symptoms until hours or days after an accident occurs.

Because whiplash is a  soft tissue injury and not a bone fracture, it does not always show up clearly on x-rays , MRI scans, or CT scans. 

Just because the onset of symptoms is not immediate, and they are not always detectable with image testing, does not mean they should be dismissed. 

On the contrary, whiplash is capable of producing very painful symptoms that make normal motion completely impossible. 

Many victims of whiplash require physical therapy, foam collars, medications, trigger point injectors, and ongoing chiropractic care. 

Often times the adrenaline rush that occurs during an accident will mask pain, which means there are many victims who do not feel injured after the accident at all.

Of course after several hours or even a few days have gone by, the victim may begin to notice signs of whiplash. 

  • Neck Pain that radiates through the back and upper shoulder area. 
  • Pain that is accompanied by swelling, stiffness, and reduced range of motion. 
  • Headaches or pain at the base of the skull. 
  • Ringing, hissing, static or humming noises are heard in the ears. 
  • Dizziness, feeling faint, or feeling as if the world is spinning.  

Unless the accident victim is seen by a medical professional, such as a chiropractor, it is very likely to experience chronic pain because of an untreated whiplash injury. 

Side Effects of Whiplash

Soft tissue injuries can take quite some time to heal, and the longer treatment is put off, the longer the suffering and debilitating side effects of whiplash can occur, including: 

Stiffness and Loss of Motion: Moving the neck may become impossible without experiencing excruciating pain. The lack of motion can therefore result in stiffness and improper muscle healing which will limit range of motion in the neck until the whiplash is treated properly. 

Sleeping DifficultiesNeck pain can make sleeping an unbearable challenge, and will often result in even more stiffness after a restless nights sleep. 

Depression and Anxiety: Whiplash pain can keep you from going about your daily life. Many people will be in pain just trying to accomplish everyday tasks. This can lead to depression and anxiety as your injury holds you back from the things you're accustomed to doing on your own. This can spiral out of control causing relationship issues both personally and professionally. 

Dizziness and VertigoThe impingement of the neck synapses that communicate to the brain can cause severe dizzy spells that often lead to vertigo and cause the victims to fall when they normally would not, along with intense feelings of nausea. 

Tinnitus: Untreated whiplash can cause  persistent buzzing and ringing in the ears known as tinnitus. This condition can cause victims to have quite the difficult time focusing and sleeping which can lead to irritability. 

Headaches and Migraines: Neck pain has a tendency to cause intense headaches and migraines. These can last for days at a time or become chronic enough to seriously affect ones daily life.

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Injuries | Neck Pain

Whiplash Treatment 

When you are involved in a Car Accident, regardless of how you feel immediately following the crash, seeking the help of an experienced Chiropractor is crucial for your recovery. 

The Chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic have been treating Whiplash victims for over 30 years.

We specialize in car accident injury treatment, so we have the confidence that we can help with your recovery. 

After reading the dangers of untreated whiplash, there is really no reason to put off treatment after an accident.

Best case scenario the doctor will not find any injuries and you'll be released with a clear conscious that you're not suffering from any underlying injuries. 

You have nothing to lose by seeking the expert opinion of a chiropractor who has years of training and knows exactly how to determine if someone is suffering from a whiplash injury. 

When you come to Arrowhead Clinic you will first be given a free consultation. This is your time to speak with the doctor and let them know the details surrounding your accident.

You will then be given an in-depth physical examination to determine the extent of your injuries (if any). 

Once your examination is complete, you will be given a diagnosis with a corresponding treatment plan that will be specifically tailored to your recovery needs.

Not everyone with a whiplash injury will receive the exact same treatment. Each patient and their accident is unique, which means their treatment plan will be as well. 

If you were involved in a Car Accident, there is a good chance you are suffering from a Whiplash injury. Do not put off treatment.

Let our experienced Chiropractors diagnose and treat your whiplash injury before it turns into chronic pain. 

Click below to schedule your appointment today. 

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