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    Garden City Chiropractor Gives 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Time

    Arrowhead Clinic wants you to live your life to the fullest.

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    All the Time in the World

    Getting in Shape

    Becoming More Cultured

    Improving One's Mental Health

    Learning to Cook

    Getting Away from the Screens

    Getting Your Finances in Order

    Organizing Your Life

    Learning a New Language

    Anything You've Been Prioritizing

    Attending to Your Physical Self

    All the Time in the World 

    It is clear to everyone that due to the onslaught of Covid-19 everyone’s way of life around the world has been drastically altered.

    People are unable to enjoy social functions, even simple ones such as eating out or going to the movies.

    In some cases, people are even unable to work and provide for themselves or families.

    This is an unprecedented time for all of us.

    However, that does not mean it has to be wasted time.

    With very rare exception, nearly everyone feels that there is some aspect of life that can stand to have some improvement.

    Now that we all have been given the precious gift of time, why not dedicate part of it to self improvement.

    Arrowhead Clinic Garden City cares about every aspect of your health, both physical and mental.

    That is why we are providing this list of ten self improvement suggestions while practicing social distancing. 

    1. Getting in Shape

    This is perhaps the most popular New Years resolution made every year.

    However, because it is always made by so many people every year, that must mean that hardly anyone actually gets around to doing it.

    With this surplus of time that we have been blessed with, why not learn what it takes to be successful, determine a good diet and workout plan for yourself, and then execute it?

    Take this time to learn to appreciate the arts.

    2. Becoming More Cultured

    Most of us at one point or another, have thought that we really should make more time for the arts.

    We’ve all felt the awkward silence when someone is discussing a work of literature or art and we are unable to comment.

    This would be a great time to brush up on the classics so you can be the toast of your next social gathering or dinner party.

    3. Improving One’s Mental Health

    As if there was not enough to worry about beforehand, the Covid-19 virus has certainly given us something to be anxious about.

    However, if there is one certainty in life, there is always going to be something to be concerned over.

    Despite everything going on, we have an opportunity to take a step back and improve our mental health.

    Maintaining a positive and effective attitude is often half the battle.

    If we utilize this time to get our inner selves in order, we will be that much stronger the next time we have to be. 

    Cultivate your culinary skills while social distancing.

    4. Learning to Cook 

    Everyone can cook.

    However, some of us are limited to recipes such as toast or cold cereal.

    Maybe, an evening  of culinary achievement for you is microwaving a frozen dinner.

    That doesn’t have to be the case.

    This would be a wonderful opportunity to graduate from microwave to gourmet.

    There are plenty of resources online for learning to cook and there is always the traditional cookbook. 

    Turn the oven on and lets get cooking!

    5. Getting Away from the Screens

    Our lives often have a dependence on screens.

    This is not necessarily a good or a bad thing. It simply is.

    However, some may find this reliance unpleasant.

    At the very least, it certainly can be hard on ones eyes.

    Why not take this time to give your eyes a break and discover some other activities that may not require a television, computer, or cell phone screen.

    You don't need to live paycheck to paycheck, form a financial plan.

    6. Getting Your Finances in Order

    Money is necessary.

    We all need it to survive.

    However, many find themselves living from paycheck to paycheck.

    This is a way of living, and in some cases a necessary one.

    However, it is not the only way to live.

    Now, while there are less opportunities to spend money, take the time to thoroughly examine your personal finances and get your affairs in order for when the world opens back up.

    The tiniest financial measures can yield great dividends for your future.

    Start practicing now!

    7. Organizing Your Life 

    We all get into a routine.

    It is all too convenient to throw ones dirty clothes on the floor, leave your dirty dishes in the sink, or leave trash on your desk.

    You are more than likely spending a significant amount of time at your home while practicing social distancing.

    As a result, you want to keep your living conditions as organized and pleasant as possible.

    Learn what this means for you now, implement changes, and keep them up after life returns to normal.

    Learn how to communicate with even more people for when you no longer have to social distance.

    8. Learning a New Language

    Unfortunately, many of us are only unilingual.

    We rely on the English language as our sole form of communication.

    This is very regrettable.

    Contrary to popular belief, English is not the official language of the United States, even if it is the most commonly spoken.

    There are many groups in our nation that speak differently.

    Why not take the time to learn how to communicate with even more of our fellow Americans?

    Not to mention if you ever choose to travel abroad, you will enjoy yourself even more if you have at least a rudimentary grasp on the language.

    Give it some practice while you are social distancing and you soon can say “bonjour” to being multi-lingual.

    9. Anything You’ve Been Prioritizing 

    This list is far from comprehensive.

    There are countless other activities or skills that one can perfect while taking advantage of this time.

    If there has been an activity or a goal that you have been wanting to reach but you’ve been waiting for the right time to begin, this is it.

    Whether it is finally learning how to do a kick flip on a skateboard or breaking out the old watercolors, nothing is stopping you now.

    Get out there and do it.

    Learn how to take even better care of yourself during this pandemic.

    10. Attending to Your Physical Self

    It has often been said that if you do not have your health, you do not have anything.

    This piece of advice is especially poignant during a global pandemic.

    Do everything you can to keep yourself as happy and healthy as possible.

    However, just because Covid-19 is the newest kid on the block, does not mean all the old bullies have moved away.

    You still have your average everyday health concerns to think about on top of this new virus.

    Regardless of conditions in the world, Arrowhead Clinic Garden City is here to help you with all your chiropractic related needs.

    Pay us a visit to take advantage of your free consultation, so we can get you in the best possible shape to enjoy life once this time of crisis has ended. 

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