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Arrowhead Clinic Reveals Why Garden City is a Great Place To Be


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The Garden City of Eden 

Built on Hope

Visitors Welcome

Building a Life


The Garden City of Eden

Whether or not they’ll admit it, people like the feeling of knowing something no one else does.

People love having secret knowledge that is theirs and theirs alone to control. They can keep quiet or tell the world, its theirs to rule over.

One such great secret is Garden City, GA.

It’s small town just outside of Savannah, with a population of just above 8,000 residents. This may just be one of Georgia’s best kept secrets.

Here at Arrowhead Clinic Garden City love our remarkable little town and we would like to share our little secret with the world.


Built on Hope

Garden City, GA was literally built on hope.

In the 1930’s, in the midst of the Great Depression, Lewis Hamilton Smith was dreaming of better times.

He foresaw a place where every home would have space for a garden and to raise cattle, offering food and much sought after security.

It was out of this dream that Garden City, GA was officially chartered in 1939.

Naturally, the city has changed a lot in the last 80 years but it still fulfills the spirit of Lewis’s dream.

It is still a pleasant place for people to come, live, and grow.

For more great information about Garden City's history, click here!


Visitors Welcome

Garden City is a beautiful town that welcomes visitors of all different backgrounds.

There is much to entice visitors to come and experience all that Garden City has to offer.

It is in very close proximity to the city of Savannah, and provides a great home base for those who are coming to explore the great city.

However, there is much to experience in Garden City besides nearby Savannah.

This is a community that truly has something for everyone.

It boasts a great myriad of different dining options ranging from tried and true favorites to Garden City exclusive eateries.

No matter what your tastes are, Garden City will surely have something for you!

Apart from dining, there is always something to do!

The town has three different parks to explore and enjoy nature in.

However, if you are looking for a more structured outdoor experience the community also boats two different golf courses for those inclined to play.

As if all these options were not enough, there is also a wide variety of both national chains and local shops to explore within the city limits.

Depending on the time of year one is visiting in, Garden City could be hosting one of their fabulous seasonal events.

There always seems to be something going on.

They host a flea market every spring, an Easter “Eggstravaganza”, a Christmas Tree Lighting festival and the Southern Roots Festival.

Great events like these make Garden City a year round town always with some new adventure around the corner.


Building a Life

However, if you are looking to stay a little longer than just a couple of weeks for vacation, Garden City is just as wonderful a place to live in as it is to visit.

The town offers a wide variety of amenities for its citizens to enjoy and take advantage of.

There is a high school, elementary school, two different middles schools, and a private school which will ensure a quality education for your little ones.

Other services that the town offers to its residents are a children’s little league, a senior center, and a public library.

There are no less than fourteen different churches associated with Garden City, which should give plenty of options for those so inclined.

The city also offers a recreation center, a children’s recreation center, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

With all these amenities, a citizen will never have a shortage of things to do around this town!


Whether or not you are visiting or hoping to find a permanent home, this wonderful little town, literally built on hope, always has something up its sleeve.

It’s truly one of the great state of Georgia’s hidden gems.

Located just outside of the city of Savannah, come and see us for yourself and make this great little secret one of yours.

Arrowhead Clinic Garden City is very passionate about our home. However, we are just as passionate about taking care of our fellow citizens. We are committed to providing quality chiropractic care to anyone who may need it.



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