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Lithia Springs Chiropractor Shares 10 Activities To Do With Your Kids

The context is unfortunate, but social distancing gives a great opportunity to connect with your children and family.

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Think of the Children

Video Games




Day Trip to the Park


Learning a New Skill

Arts and Crafts

Helping with Homework

Anything They Want 


Think of the Children 

There are few aspects of daily life that have survived unscathed as a result of the onslaught of Covid-19.

It has affected peoples ability to work and ability to play.

Even peoples home life has been affected.

The perfect storm of parents having to stay home and schools being closed down, have ensured that many houses stay full.

However, this can be a great blessing in disguise.

This forced togetherness may provide a wonderful opportunity for families to bond together.

After the necessary work for the day is completed, there is still plenty of time to spend with your children.

Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs wants you to make the most of this precious time with your family.

That is why we have compiled this list of ten activities to do with your children.

1. Video Games

Gaming can be an excellent activity to pursue with your children provided you are all so inclined.

Gaming allows an escape to a fantasy world, one where you do not have to stay in the house.

Some games encourage trust and teamwork, requiring you work together to complete a task and ultimately bond.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of games available for everyone.

This practically ensures there is something for everyone in your family.

Exercise and outdoor activity is a great way to bond with your family.

2. Sports

Everyone need to blow off some steam.

This is especially important for young children who have been cooped up in the house all day.

Taking the time to exercise or play some games outside with your children can be an excellent outlet not only for your little ones, but for you as well.

Be sure to practice proper form in order to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

Enjoy this time outdoors playing with your kids.

3. Reading

Depending on your child's age, they may not have discovered the potential joys of literature.

Thankfully, you now have the opportunity to introduce them.

Taking the time to read to your children now may spark a lifelong love of learning that can eventually reflect in their academics and future career.

It is an investment that requires precious little down payment, but with potentially huge rewards for your children.

Food always tends to bring families together.

4. Cooking

Not only can cooking be very fun but it is a very important and helpful skill that can be utilized on a daily basis.

Teaching your children the basics of meal preparation in their youth can help encourage a healthy lifestyle.

It may even provide other benefits such as a creative outlet.

Cooking is a skill that can bring a lifetime of benefits.

By teaching it to your children, you are giving them a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives.

5. Day Trips to Park

Due to the nature of Covid-19 precautions there are few outlets available to people to enjoy outside of their own house.

Thankfully, one such option still available to everyone.

Your family can still have a great time with a simple trip to the park.

Why not pack the family up and enjoy a day out in nature?

You can let the little ones run off a little steam, take a hike in the woods, or maybe just sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Whatever you do, please maintain the strictures of social distancing.

All of this is for naught if we do not keep ourselves away from others until the danger has passed.

Family movie night can grow into a fun tradition.

6. Movies

Movies are a big part of our culture.

They have a way of affecting us and educating us and even in some cases developing us.

Why not take this opportunity to show your children some of your favorite (age appropriate) movies?

This can ignite a mutual fandom and appreciation.

It may even lead to new hobbies and activities in the future.

There is no way of knowing how a movie may touch us until we take the time to watch it.

Grab some popcorn and roll the flick.

7. Learning a New Skill

There are few pursuits that are more noble than the search for knowledge.

This time of isolation and free time provides a perfect opportunity to learn some new skills and thus pass them on to your children.

Even though some kids may not enjoy attending classes, you may be surprised at how much they are willing to learn if the subject matter is interesting enough.

Perhaps you can teach your child how to properly handle tools or maybe the proper way to maintain ones garden.

Without a doubt, you have attained a vast amount of knowledge over the course of your life.

Take this opportunity to ensure that it gets passed down to those you love.

You never know what your children might need in the future.

Unleash your inner artist with family arts and crafts time.

8. Arts and Crafts 

Children offer limitless potential.

Despite parental intention or even family background, they can still surprise you.

Even if no one in your home has ever shown in an interest in art, your child could be the next Picasso.

This could prove to be an excellent time to discover your child's potential artistic abilities.

This can be simple as providing paper and crayons or purchasing some sculpting clay.

Engage in artistic endeavors with your little ones and discover what you and your children can come up with together. 

9. Helping With Homework

As fun as these other activities are, obligations still need to be followed through on.

You may still have your own work to accomplish and your children may still have schoolwork to do.

However, having you home with them gives them an invaluable resources in the form of your experience.

You can give them the individual care necessary to ensure their academic success.

This pandemic gives you the unique opportunity to take a hands on role in your child's education.

Oftentimes kids will come right out and tell you what they want.

10. Anything They Want

This is a trying time for all of us, but it is especially frightening for little ones.

That is why it is so important to listen to them and validate their feelings and fulfill their needs.

Perhaps they find comfort and support in ways that you had not previously considered.

That is why it is important to listen to them and consider their needs. 


Your children will thank you for all the care you have given them once they are old enough to appreciate it.

However, while you are caring for them, it is important that you know someone is caring for you as well.

Arrowhead Clinic Lithia Springs is always devoted to looking out for our clients and their individual needs.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your health, pay us a visit and receive a free consultation.

Together we will work to keep you in the best possible shape for yourself and for those you love.



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