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    What Are Common Car Accident Injuries In Midtown Atlanta?

    Our bodies are fragile, and in traumatic events like car accidents, they can be damaged several ways.

    Some people are lucky enough to escape with minor injuries that will heal in time, but others will suffer severe injuries that can plague them for the rest of their lives, especially if they aren't treated right away.

    Countless injuries can occur during a car accident, and they will vary in severity.

    No matter how minor or severe they may appear to be, seeking medical treatment from a Midtown Atlanta car accident chiropractor will help you assess the injuries you suffered and give you the best chance at making a full recovery.

    In the article below, we will talk about the most common injuries people sustain in car accidents in Midtown Atlanta.

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    Back Injuries

    Back injuries may be the most common type of car accident injury.

    Your spine is not designed to sustain a heavy impact or any impact at all, for that matter.

    That's why it's so common for your back to be injured in an auto accident.

    Whether it's a strain, sprain, or herniated disc, you will likely experience some back pain after your accident.

    Back injuries aren't always immediately apparent following a crash, so you should monitor your symptoms for days following the incident.

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    Whiplash injuries are just as common as back injuries after motor vehicle accidents, if not more common.

    Whiplash injuries occur when your neck is suddenly forced forward and then backward.

    When your car is impacted during an accident, your body moves at a speed it isn't accustomed to, causing tears and strains in the soft tissues of your neck.

    When treatment is sought for whiplash injuries right away, it will eventually heal, and you will make a recovery.

    However, whiplash injuries can be excruciating and need to be actively managed by a car accident chiropractor in Midtown Atlanta to keep it from getting worse.

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    Head Injuries

    Head injuries like traumatic brain injuries can cause immediate symptoms and complications that can last long into your future.

    If these injuries aren't treated properly, head injuries will turn into chronic conditions affecting brain function and cause headaches and make it difficult to sleep.

    Brain injuries and other head injuries can be difficult to diagnose, and you will need a specialized treatment plan to help you avoid complications.

    During a collision, you can easily hit your head on parts of your car, causing a concussion.

    This can cause problems with memories, like not being able to recall what you were doing before the collision or feeling like your brain is just not working as quickly as it should.

    Prompt and proper treatment for any head injury is essential.

    Prompt treatment will help alleviate the symptoms of your head injuries, and it will help restore your brain to a healthy state.

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    Neck Injuries

    Whiplash is the most common, but various soft tissue injuries occur in the neck.

    Neck pain can occur due to a torn or sprained ligament, which usually happens due to the jerking movements a car crash can cause.

    Severe damage may occur when cervical dislocation or disk injury occurs in your neck.

    These injuries can result in severe pain as well as a limited range of motion in your neck.

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    Broken Bones

    Car accidents can put an enormous amount of pressure on your body and your bones are not equipped to handle the added pressure.

    Arms, legs, wrists, hips, and shoulders are all commonly broken in car accidents due to the force of the impact.

    In severe accidents, bones are broken after being compressed by parts of the car.

    Your ribs are particularly fragile bones that will break even during accidents with just a light or moderate impact.

    When your car is impacted, you will likely move forward, sideways, or backward against your seatbelt.

    And although it's designed for your protection, a seatbelt can easily break one or more ribs.

    Healing this break and dealing with the pain requires rest and appropriate care from a car accident doctor in Midtown Atlanta.

    Just like you can break a bone in a car crash, you can also suffer from a herniated disc.

    Herniated discs occur when one or more vertebrae in your spine rupture or shift out of place.

    This can cause severe pain and complications.

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    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Anytime we go through a traumatic experience, like a car accident, there is the potential to develop emotional and mental distress like post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Symptoms of PTSD include being scared of driving after your accident, an aversion to certain sounds or images you associate with the collision, or sleeping problems due to anxiety or nightmares stemming from the accident.

    You should seek medical treatment for PTSD  just like you would with any other injury, and there are psychologists and therapists that will help you combat PTSD and return to your normal life.

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    Shoulder Injuries

    If you can see an impact coming, you will likely hold out your arms to brace yourself.

    When you do this, and your arms are stretched out against the steering wheel or dashboard, the force of the impact can cause your shoulders to lock in place as they receive that force.

    Your shoulders can easily suffer soft-tissue injuries when this happens, as well as fractures and shoulder dislocation.

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