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Injured in a Rideshare Car Accident? Get the Legal Help You Deserve in Locust Grove, GA!

If you were hurt in an Uber or Lyft Accident in Locust Grove, Georgia, it's important to seek legal help from the referral of Arrowhead Clinic.

With Uber and Lyft steadily increasing in popularity throughout recent years, it's not too hard to believe that accidents involving these ride-sharing services have also been steadily on the rise. Even in Locust Grove, Ga. 

For many people, Uber and Lyft are much more convenient transportation forms than using traditional taxi companies.

Of course, these drivers are just as susceptible to causing or becoming the victims of a motor vehicle accident, just like any other driver in Locust Grove, Georgia. 

After your initial chiropractic care consultation, Arrowhead Clinic can refer you to a team of highly trained Uber & Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyers who will review your Lyft & Uber Rideshare Accident Lawyer case for free and find out how we can best assist with recovering your losses.

Table of Contents:

What Should I Do After an Uber or Lyft Accident in Locust Grove, Ga? 

What is my Insurance Coverage?

Uber or Lyft Passenger

Lyft or Uber Driver

Uber & Lyft Rideshare Accident Injury Compensation

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What Should I Do After an Uber or Lyft Accident in Locust Grove, Ga? 

When you are involved in an Uber, Lyft, or any Rideshare app Accident, even if you were just a passenger, there are some important steps to follow that will help protect your legal rights and provide you with the best chance at a successful outcome for your case. 

Call The Police: The first thing you should do after an accident occurs is to call the police. Having documentation that states who is at fault for the accident will be crucial if you file a claim against the negligent driver. 

Failure to call the police after an accident could result in the denial of your claim. No matter how nice or honest the person who hit you seems, their insurance company can still try and deny the claim if you never obtained written documentation stating who is at fault. 

Speak to Eyewitnesses: If anyone witnessed the accident, it's important to try and get them to provide a written statement to the police officer. Their testimony may be able to help you if the other driver is trying to put any blame on you for the accident. 

Take Pictures of the Accident: If you can, try and take photos of the accident scene, especially the weather/road condition, the damages that occurred to your vehicle, and any visible injuries you sustained.

Pictures can be beneficial if your case goes to trial. Showing the judge or jury the extent of the inflicted damages may help them fully understand what occurred to you at the time of the accident. 

See a Medical Professional: Being seen by an experienced medical expert shortly after your rideshare accident will be extremely helpful when you file a compensation claim. If you want all of your medical bills to be covered, you will need to be able to prove that your injuries did occur in the accident and that medical treatment was necessary for you to make a complete recovery. 

If you wait weeks or months to seek rideshare accident medical care, the insurance company will normally deny your claim altogether, or they will offer to cover a partial amount of your medical expenses. It will be easy for them to claim that your injuries did not occur in the accident, or they will diminish your pain and suffering since you did not seek immediate medical care. 

Hire a Car Accident Attorney: Anytime you are the victim of someone else's negligent or reckless behavior, you should seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Legal representation will be able to walk you through the compensation claim process, obtain all necessary documentation, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf for an agreeable settlement. 




What is my Insurance Coverage?

Unfortunately, over five million car accidents occur every year.

Even if you are a great driver, you can still fall victim to someone else's careless driving in Locust Grove, GA. 

Trying to determine whose insurance company will cover your expenses after an accident will depend on a few different scenarios, which depend upon the circumstances of your accident. 


Uber or Lyft Passenger

If you are a passenger in an Uber, Lyft, or other Rideshare Vehicle and they are struck by another vehicle in Locust Grove, GA, or they are the ones who hit another vehicle, you will be covered by someone else's insurance in either case. 

It is the driver who is found at fault for the accident, not the passenger. Theirs will be the one whose insurance company you can file a claim against to obtain compensation for any injuries that you suffered. 


Lyft or Uber Driver

If you are involved in a Rideshare Service accident when your Uber or Lyft app is not turned on:

You will not be covered by the Uber, Lyft, or other Rideshare Companies insurance policy because you are not considered to be "on the clock." Uber and Lyft are not responsible in the event of an accident when you are not signed in.

To be an Uber, Lyft, or any other Rideshare Driver in Locust Grove, you must not be an uninsured driver. You are required to hold your own auto insurance policy, and in this case, it would be your own insurance that is held responsible if an accident occurs. 


If you're involved in an accident when your app is turned on:

Your Uber or Lyft insurance coverage will kick in. When an accident occurs while you're online, your insurance coverage through Uber or Lyft will consist of $50,000 injury per person up to $100,000 and $25,000 in property damage.


If you're involved in an accident on your way to pick up a passenger:

You will be insured in 3 ways:

  1. Third-Party Liability Coverage will ensure bodily injuries or damages that you caused to anyone in the other vehicle, passengers, property, or pedestrians. The insurance coverage limits will be at least $1,000,000. 
  2. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury Coverage will ensure you and anyone riding in your vehicle if you are hit by another car whose driver does not carry sufficient insurance to cover the full extent of the damage caused. This type of insurance will also cover you if you are in a hit-and-run accident. 
  3. Contingent Comprehensive and Collision Coverage provides physical damage coverage for your vehicle up to its cash value, no matter who is found at fault. If you want to use this insurance coverage, you need to maintain comprehensive and collision coverage on your own vehicle's insurance policy, and you will need to pay a $1,000 deductible. 



Uber & Lyft Rideshare Accident Injury Compensation 

When you are involved in an Uber or Lyft Accident, there are a few types of compensation that you may be entitled to, with the help of your Automobile Accident Lawyers, depending on the circumstances of your case. 

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property 

Trying to obtain the compensation that you deserve without the help of a skilled attorney in Locust Grove can be very difficult. 

Documentation needs to be collected and presented to the insurance company promptly, along with a demand letter stating the full compensation you wish to receive. If you fail to provide the right forms of documentation, or you do not file your case on time, you run the risk of losing your only chance at receiving compensation. 

It is also much more difficult to negotiate with the insurance company on your own.

They will be looking for a way to use your words against you, and they may make you believe that the low settlement they are offering you is your only option. This is one of the many reasons it is imperative to receive effective legal counsel.




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If you were an accident victim involved in a Ride-Sharing Accident in Locust Grove, Georgia, do not hesitate to contact Arrowhead Clinic for chiropractic care and a referral to a law firm for legal advice. 

Arrowhead Clinic has been helping accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve for decades. Our lawyers understand the legal system of personal injury claims and will make sure you're not taken advantage of by the insurance company during this difficult time. 

Many of the law offices in Locust Grove, Ga we refer patients to provide each client with a free consultation to find out how to help them win their case. 

If you have any questions or concerns throughout your case, your rideshare accident attorney will be available to help in any way possible. They will keep their clients informed throughout the entire process of their accident claims.

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