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Always see a doctor after a minor car accident in Savannah
Dr. Jeremy ThompsonJul 3, 2024 12:44:33 PM4 min read

Should You See A Doctor After A Minor Car Accident in Savannah

A question often asked after minor car accidents is whether or not medical attention is required after in Savannah, GA.

Many people assume that if there are no obvious injuries, and the accident did very little damage to the vehicles, they must be fine.

That's not always a safe assumption to make.

Anything could happen when you're involved in an accident.

Just because you can’t see an injury doesn’t mean it’s not there.

In the article below, we will discuss why you should seek medical care after an accident.

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How Soon Should I Seek Medical Attention?

It's in your best interest to get checked out by a medical professional right away.

You have nothing to lose by seeing a doctor after your accident, but you have everything to gain.

If nothing else, you'll have peace of mind after you see the doctor and find out it’s nothing.

That's much better than waiting to see a doctor until you feel pain, only to find out you are seriously injured.

Additionally, if there is a potential insurance claim against the responsible party, having medical documentation showing injuries immediately after your accident is extremely helpful when it comes to receiving fair compensation.

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Proactively Treat Injuries

Many car accident victims aren't aware of the rush of adrenaline they get after being involved in a car accident.

That adrenaline rush can mask many pain and minor injury symptoms. And sometimes, it can even mask severe injury symptoms.

The adrenaline rush is a direct response to the trauma you suffered in the crash.

That's why it's common that a few days or even weeks after your accident, your injury symptoms will begin to appear and grow increasingly worse if left untreated.

It should be your top priority to see a doctor after a car accident, no matter the severity or presence of injury and pain symptoms. Whether you make an appointment with your primary care physician or go to an urgent care, seeking care from any type of medical doctor early on makes for critical evidence in a personal injury claim. 

Common injuries following minor car accidents include the following: 
  • Neck pain 
  • Shoulder pain
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Internal injuries
  • Chronic pain

There is a wide range of injuries that car accident victims can sustain, but they're typically invisible injuries that aren't as obvious as say, a traumatic brain injury or broken bone., and they usually require additional treatment.

Depending on the type of accident you were involved in and what type of injury you sustained, you might benefit from seeking chiropractic care. Arrowhead Clinic's chiropractors will create a personalized treatment plan and keep detailed medical records for your accident claim.

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A lack of medical treatment after an accident can be a complicated legal issue

Lack of Medical Treatment After an Accident Can Be a Complicated Legal Issue

If you were in an auto accident that was obviously the fault of a negligent driver, you might be wondering how to get your medical bills paid for after the accident.

 This often turns into a complicated personal injury lawsuit.

Insurance companies make it their top priority to discredit your claim and diminish your injuries' severity, especially if you don't immediately seek medical attention.

Insurance companies will assume that if you did not see a health care provider following the motor vehicle crash that you weren’t really injured.

Your insurance company will follow standard criteria to evaluate injuries and the severity of those injuries.

One of the most important criteria they look at is how soon after your accident sought and received a medical diagnosis after the wreck occurred.

Insurance providers are reluctant to pay injured victims if a great amount of time passed between the car crash and the initial medical treatment because they think the claimant could be faking or exaggerating the extent of their injuries to receive more money in their settlement.

To avoid any legal complications down the road, you should seek medical attention right away and speak to personal injury lawyers to help you deal with auto insurance companies. To avoid any legal complications down the road, you should seek medical attention right away and speak to an experienced car accident lawyer to help you deal with auto insurance companies.

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Contact The Arrowhead Clinic in Savannah

If you have been injured in a car accident in Savannah, Georgia, call Arrowhead Chiropractic Clinic.

At Arrowhead Clinic, our professional team of chiropractors specializes in car accident injuries, and we work with insurance companies to help you receive compensation for your medical treatment. We also have a network of local experienced car accident attorneys we can refer you to if you end up needing to pursue legal action for a fair settlement.

Don't underestimate your accident injuries after a minor automobile accident, schedule your free consultation with the Arrowhead Clinic today.

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Dr. Jeremy Thompson

Dr. Jeremy Thompson is Arrowhead Clinic’s Savannah Chiropractor. He has been treating accident injuries, neck pain, back pain, and much more for many years. With the use of manual and instrument-assisted spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, and physical therapy, Dr. Thompson is able to help patients recover from many different types of injuries. Dr. Thompson is a 3rd generation Doctor of Chiropractic. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Dr. Thompson believes everyone deserves a life free from pain. He is passionate about helping his patients recover from the debilitating physical injuries caused by auto accidents and cares deeply about helping them return to normal life. In his free time, Dr. Thompson enjoys exploring Savannah with his blue-nose pit rescue, Lincoln Brophy. One of Dr. Thompson’s patients said, “Dr. Thompson and his team are phenomenal.” Dr. Thompson is available to schedule free, same-day consultations Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.