What to do when you can't see a chiropractor
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What You Should Do If You Can't See Your Chiropractor

Our modern world is experiencing something it hasn't experienced before - a major pandemic. 

Because of covid 19, schools are closed, government buildings are closed, and they don't want people hanging out in crowds larger than ten people. 

Quarantine is recommended until everything settles, and it is undoubtedly interrupting people's lives. 

The things we usually take for granted we can't do right now. We have to work from home. We shouldn't leave our houses unless it is necessary. 

That means if you regularly visit the chiropractor, you might not be able to do that in the foreseeable future. 

But I bet your back pain or neck pain hasn't gone away.

Many people look forward to their maintenance adjustments at the chiropractor because they leave feeling like a million bucks. 

But what should you do if you can't make it to the chiropractor to treat your lower back or neck? 


In the article below, we talk about a few things you can do on your own until you can see your chiropractor again.



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Chiropractic care is an essential part of a plan for overall health and wellness, but so is exercise.  

There are even exercises that can strengthen the muscles that help you maintain good posture and support your spine that goes hand in hand with chiropractic care.  

Your chiropractor can recommend a few exercises and stretches you can do at home to help target and strengthen the areas you need to improve, even your neck.  

When you exercise, make sure you listen to your body as you and take breaks as you need them.  

You don't want to injure yourself, especially when you can't visit the chiropractor. 

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What to do if you can't see your chiropractor

Watch What You Eat

The importance of a balanced diet cannot be stressed enough. 

Even if you do everything else right, a bad diet can ruin your efforts everywhere else. 

Avoid processed foods as much as possible. 

There are healthy foods you can add to your diet that can help with inflammation, which comes in handy if you regularly experience joint pain or have arthritis.  

Make sure you get the recommended daily allowance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats to keep you feeling good. 

If you need some advice in that department, your chiropractor is a great resource. 



Posture is one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of our general health. 

Posture is a habit, and just as with any other habit, sometimes poor posture can be difficult to break. 

But if you want to enjoy good health and feel good without joint restriction and dysfunction between chiropractic visits, then you must work to recognize some of the ways you can improve your posture. 

Repetitive movements performed at work or home contribute to pain and injury. Combine these movements with improper posture, and you have a recipe for constant pain and discomfort.  

Make sure you're practicing excellent ergonomics at work and at home. Please pay attention to your posture as much as you can as you move through your day and correct it when you need to.  

Being mindful of your poor posture is the first step in correcting it. 

Many people are surprised at how much improving their posture can do to fix things like neck pain.

Your chiropractor is also a great resource when it comes to fixing poor posture. 


Function Over Fashion

Shoes are great accessories and can really pull an entire outfit together, but you need to choose shoes that are going to be kind to your body.  

Shoes like high heels, flip-flops, and shoes without proper support are going to be hurtful instead of helpful when it comes to your posture.  

They may make you look good, but in the long run, the wrong shoes can even cause neck pain. 

Try to wear shoes with good tread, excellent support, and a heel no larger than one inch as much as possible. 



Chiropractic care isn't to just to keep you working and exercising. 

They believe relaxation is important as well.  

You should always be aware that stress has an impact on your mental health as well as your physical health.  

Too much stress can contribute to poor posture, which contributes to neck pain, back pain, and a reduced range of motion.  

Work to identify the sources of stress in your life and take action to address them and eliminate them if possible. 



Like exercise, stretching is essential to maintaining spinal health.  

Your chiropractor can suggest targeted stretches to help you improve your flexibility and range of motion.  

Being flexible will help you feel better, and it's one of the most important things to focus on as you get older to help maintain balance and range of motion. 


At home chiropractic exercises

Don't Miss Your Appointments

When it is possible to see your chiropractor, make sure not to miss any appointments. 

Even if you aren't injured, most chiropractors recommend maintenance adjustments because they help to keep you free from joint dysfunction and restriction.  

The American Chiropractic Association says that people who keep up on their regular chiropractic maintenance adjustments experience fewer symptoms and flare-ups than those who don't.  

So, when possible, see your chiropractor! 


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