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Improve your posture at work
Dr. Calvin ErhaborJul 1, 2020 11:52:38 AM3 min read

Lithia Springs Chiropractor Helps You Improve Your Posture At Work

Poor posture can be caused by daily activities like carrying a purse, slouching when walking, holding small children, and sitting in the same spot for an extended period. 


A typical place poor posture occurs is at work.


If you work in an office and use a computer, you can avoid lousy posture by sitting in the right position and having a posture-friendly workspace.



In the article below, we will review a few simple things you can do to improve your posture at work.



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Adjust Your Chair

Sit up straight in your office chair and adjust it's height so the keyboard is level with your wrists and your forearms straight and level with the floor. 


This will help you avoid back pain by properly supporting your lower back. 


But any prolonged sitting, even with good posture, is hard on the body. 


Be sure to take a few minutes every hour to get out of your office chair and move around by walking, stretching, or standing. 


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Keep Your Feet On The Floor

Many people like to cross their legs or stretch them straight out in front of them while sitting at their desks. 


The best way to sit while you're at your desk is to have both feet flat on the floor. 


If you have a hard time keeping your feet flat on the floor, try using a stool or stand to prop your feet on. 


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Adjust Your Computer Screen

Your computer screen should be directly in front of you while sitting at your desk. 


It should be an arm's length away, with the top of the screen at your eye level. 


This is important because if your screen is too high or too low, you will need to strain your neck to see properly. 


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Use A Support Pillow

Using a pillow to support your low back while sitting in a chair all day will help take the strain and load off of your spine. 


The pillow will help keep you in the correct position every time you sit down. 


If you are lucky enough, some office chairs come with adjustable back support.


If you don't want to splurge on back support for your chair, you can also use a rolled-up towel to help support your low back. 


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Use A Headset

If your job requires you to answer phone calls and talk on the phone for long periods, you should exchange your phone for a headset. 


If this isn't an option, alternate between what ear and shoulder you use. 


Repeated cradling of the phone will strain your neck muscles. 


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The Arrowhead Clinic of Lithia Springs

Following these tips will help you take the right step toward proper posture. 


It won't be an overnight fix, but replacing bad habits with new habits will help keep back and neck pain away over time.


If you are currently suffering from neck or back pain due to poor posture, you can see a chiropractor to alleviate the pain.  


Our Lithia Springs Chiropractor has been treating patients with neck and back pain for years. 


Our chiropractors and Medical Doctors in Lithia Springs take a specialized approach to find a treatment plan that will benefit you. 


If you are suffering from pain due to bad posture, click on the link below to schedule your free consultation with the Arrowhead Clinic in Lithia Springs. 


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Dr. Calvin Erhabor

Dr. Calvin Erhabor is Arrowhead Clinic’s Riverdale Chiropractor. He specializes in providing chiropractic spinal adjustments to accident victims as well as to people who suffer from chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Erhabor graduated with a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from Alcon State University in 2007. He also received his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Life University in 2012. Life University is recognized throughout the world as a top institution and regularly has the highest National Board test scores in the nation. Dr. Erhabor is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractors Association and is a member of the Mississippi Chiropractic Association and the Georgia Chiropractic Association. Dr. Erhabor believes that his primary purpose is to truly understand his patients and the situation they are facing. He believes that every patient should be treated with respect, dignity, and above all else, be seen as a whole person and not as the condition or ailment they suffer from. Dr. Erhabor’s mission is to restore health and help community members reach their potential. One of Dr. Erhabor’s patients said, “The Riverdale facility is very clean. Dr. Calvin is great. He has a special bond with all his patients. I’ve never had a Dr. that actually talks to the patients and really gets to know them. And on top of that I feel so much better.” Dr. Erhabor offers same-day, free consultations. He is available to schedule an appointment Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.