Car Accident Injury Doctor in Memphis, TN

Car collision doctor in Memphis

Car Accident Injuries may lead to debilitating conditions if you aren't treated right away by an Memphis Accident Injury Doctor to help properly diagnose the problem and provide answers to get to the root cause of your pain symptoms.

At Arrowhead Clinic, our staff of highly skilled Memphis Injury Physicians and medical staff have been helping car crash patients for nearly 40 years.

We've assembled a team of qualified Chiropractors and Medical Doctors who specialize in post-Automotive Accident Injury Care.

Our Memphis Car Accident Injury Doctors use multiple forms of treatment and natural remedies to help patients make a full recovery.

Rather than covering up Neck Back and pain pain with potentially harmful drugs, our physicians believe in treating the source of pain for our Vehicle Accident Injury Patients.

What to Expect During Your First Visit to the Clinic

When we first meet with you after your Auto Accident Injury patient, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation that may include:

Memphis doctor looking at x-rays of a car accident patient

  • X-Rays
  • Neurological Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Palpation and Joint Range of Motion Tests

Upon making a diagnosis, we construct promote recovery and prevent injuries and complications.

Depending on the nature and location of the Accident Injury, we typically use pressure to move the spine into a more natural alignment, electrical stimulation treatment to ease muscle soreness and tension and mild traction methods to better facilitate vertebral imbibition.

The tissues of the spine are usually able to return to healthy, normal function with regular, consistent treatments although healing happens over the course of weeks or months.

Understanding Whiplash Injuries

The expression "whiplash" has lost its value within the legal and medical realms.

To grasp a better understanding, whiplash injuries usually derive from the sudden force of a car accident; when muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck are suddenly and forcibly
contracted.Whiplash Injury.png

Even minor collisions can cause muscles and ligaments to stretch in excess.

The end result typically causes neck sprains and neck strains or "soft tissue injury," also known as "hyperflexion" or "hyperextension," but more commonly called "whiplash."

These types of injuries are very common after a vehicle wreck, but they're also tricky from a claim accident perspective.

That's because whiplash-type injuries, like all soft tissue injuries, do not show up on MRIs, X-Rays, and other tests.

Do not be mistaken; that doesn't mean whiplash-type injuries are any less justifiable or some less excruciating than another type of car crash injuries.

That's why it is essential to get medical care from an accident injury doctor that specializes in personal injuries.

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, limited movement, stiffness, or some other symptoms of a neck injury, receiving the proper health care can not just reduce your recovery time in half, it might also prevent future health problems from arising causing lasting pain and distress.

Signing a Release of Liability After a Car Accident

You are essentially saying that you give up the right besides the amount stated in the agreement, when you sign a release of liability.rear-end collision in Memphis, Tennessee

Before the full extent of your accident comes to light, the other party's insurance company will attempt to get your signature.

This means, both property, any financial damages and medical care that shows up once you sign a release of liability will not be covered by the insurance company or the party that caused the crash!

Make sure to Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the estimates of damage to your vehicle accurate?
  • Could there be concealed damages you don't know about?
  • Do you have soreness or even minor injuries?
  • Have you ever received proper care from a doctor experienced in automotive accident injuries?

There's absolutely no rush in signing a release of liability, no matter what the adjuster leads you to think.

Keep in mind, car crashes are notorious for inducing injuries that don’t show up right away, delaying your signature on any documents regarding the insurance company or your accident is vital in ensuring you are fully compensated for any damages.

If you're feeling pressure from an insurance company or just have questions about your accident injury claim, Arrowhead Chiropractic Clinics can refer you to qualified personal injury lawyers in Memphis to make sure your rights are protected.

How to pay for a Car Accident Doctor

Our Memphis Accident Injury Physicians can work using a Medical Lien through a Respectable Personal Injury Attorney who specializes in Auto Accident cases.Memphis Auto Accident Doctor explaining payment to a patient

This means you don't need to pay money out of your own pocket to visit our Accident Doctor.

Insurance companies want you to wait before receiving necessary medical care so there's a gap between the accident and your treatment.

This way the insurance company may not pay for your care or might use it as an excuse to not pay anything at all!

Medical treatment and the seriousness of injuries are just two of the most important considerations when it comes to the value of an accident settlement, and you can bet an insurance adjuster will carefully weigh and collect all relevant information regarding
your injuries.

Never wait to get proper medical care, we can help take care of your injuries and get you to a lawyer to handle your case.

Also, all Memphis Personal Injuries need the right documentation via an Accident Doctor.

We take care to provide the documentation of injuries including in-depth narratives and reports to the insurance companies and attorneys that need this information for the quick settlement of your claim.

With no documentation, you may not get all the money you deserve for your automobile accident injuries.

Get the Relief You Need, When You Need It

We pay special attention to the injuries unique to car accidents like whiplash, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Arrowhead Clinic car wreck physicians in Memphis, TN

You have the right to select the doctor you want to take care of your Memphis car injury.

Get the medical attention you deserve! 

Let our Memphis Car Accident Injury Physicians help you to get the care you deserve so that you can heal properly from your Auto Accident Injuries.

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