Can You Give Yourself A Chiropractic Adjustment?

You might be practicing self chiropractic without even realizing it. Sometimes manipulating your joints is something you don't even think about. 

You lean your neck to the left, pull your shoulder down to the right, hoping to achieve the familiar popping sound and get some relief.  

However, since a chiropractic manipulation is a specific force applied in a specific direction to a specific joint, it is impossible to effectively adjust one's own spine.

Yes, twisting the neck or back in certain ways can create “popping” sounds like that made with a chiropractic adjustment.

You may have been tempting to give yourself an adjustment during the quarantining days of Covid-19 to avoid going out. 

But, you can't really "adjust" yourself, and if you try, it can sometimes cause more harm than good.

It's better to seek treatment from an experienced Chiropractor.



In the article below, we will talk about why you shouldn't try to adjust yourself, and instead seek treatment from a chiropractor.


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Do Manual Chiropractic Adjustments and Therapies for Neck Pain Help?

Does Chiropractic Care Really Help Relieve Neck Pain?

People are turning to their chiropractors to ease their neck pain.

Your neck pain chiropractor can perform a manual adjustment, among other things, that will treat the underlying issue of your pain.

They won't just throw pills at you — pills that often have nasty side effects.

Neck conditions your chiropractor can treat are:

  • Cervical (neck) intervertebral disc injuries that don’t require surgery
  • Cervical sprain injuries
  • Degenerative joint syndrome of the neck (e.g., facet joints)
  • Facet joint sprain
  • Whiplash

So, are you curious as to what a chiropractor does in order to relieve your pain?

In this blog, we take an in-depth look into how chiropractic care works for Neck Pain Relief.

Table of contents:

Neck pain can be extremely debilitating.

If you suffer from neck pain, or if you ever have, I'm sure you were desperate for relief.

Our first reaction is to grab the painkillers or go to your primary care doctor to be prescribed painkillers.

Manual therapy and resistance techniques can help reduce neck pain and other symptoms.

Therapeutic massage can help relax tense muscles. Trigger point therapy is used to relieve tight, painful points on a muscle.

Not sure when is the right time to receive treatment for your neck pain? Read our blog post, When to See a Doctor for Neck and Upper Back Pain, for more information. 

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