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The Most Dangerous Roads in the State of Georgia for Fatal Car Accidents

What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Georgia?

No matter where you live and how good of a driver you are, if you are on the roads, you always run the risk of being in a traffic accident.

This is especially true if you live in the state of Georgia, where some of the countries most accident prone interstates are located.

In this blog, we take a look at the five most deadly roads in Georgia.

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There are nearly 7 million licensed drivers in Georgia, traveling across countless freeways, intersections, and congested roads every day.

With so many drivers on the road, getting in a car accident may seem more like a matter of “when” instead of “if.”

And, a serious collision can be deadly.

"Georgia had the seventh most fatal car accidents in the country in 2013, with a staggering 1,085."

Besides the high number of statewide fatal motor vehicle accidents in Georgia, the peach state is also home to the nation's deadliest interstate, I-285.

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Should I Still See A Doctor After A Minor Car Accident?

Why You Should Still See a Doctor After a Minor Auto Accident

You should still see a doctor after a minor wreck, like a fender bender. Since soft tissue injuries are still common, and even likely, in low-speed car accidents that cause little to no damage to the cars. It's important to rule out the common auto collision injuries, as well as severe ones.

Even if the minor accident that doesn't require you to seek emergency medical attention, we still recommend getting checked out by a medical professional to make sure you don't have any hidden injuries. 

In this blog, we discuss why it is important to see a chiropractor after an auto accident, no matter how minor it was or how few signs of injury you notice. 
Table of contents:

Table of contents:

The answer is yes, injured (and seemingly uninjured) victims of minor car accidents should always seek medical care after a collision.

We recommend for your health, safety, and overall well-being to get checked by an experienced doctor after a minor car accident, regardless of the presence of symptoms.

You want to be certain that you do not have any underlying injuries that are not presenting symptoms yet due to the release of adrenaline following the accident.

Seeking medical care after a car accident and receiving immediate medical treatment is the only way to make sure you don't have any injuries.

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