What Doctor Should I See After A Sports Injury?

If you have sustained a sports injury, seeking chiropractic treatment is your best option. Sport-Injury Chiropractors understand the demand athletes put on their body. It is easy for joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles too often suffer from strains, sprains, and tears due to the long hours of training athletes put in daily.

Benefits of Seeing a Sport-Injury Chiropractor 

Chiropractic doctors are experts in helping injured or damaged body parts return to their natural functioning abilities. They specialize in restoring and enhancing joint function, which will allow athletes to perform to the best of their physical abilities.

Spinal adjustments and physical therapy help strengthen muscles and tissue surrounding the impacted joints. Overall, chiropractic care for athletes will resolve joint pain and inflammation reducing aches, soreness, and any discomfort.


Why See a Chiropractic Doctor Instead of a Traditional Physician?

Even the best physicians do not have enough daily experience with treating athlete's injuries. Their broad practice areas put them at a disadvantage for treating sports related injuries. Specialized training and ample experience is often a must to adequately practice sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Most people think of back and neck pain specialists when they hear the term “chiropractor,” but sport injury chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose problems within the neuromusculoskeletal system of athletes.


Visit the Chiropractor Before an Injury Occurs 

The best way to prevent a sports-related injury from even happening is by proactively visiting your chiropractor on a regular basis. Regular adjustments can keep your body loose and perfectly aligned. Continuous treatment can maximize performance and help prevent sports-related injuries like these;

  • sprains
  • strains
  • fractures
  • breaks
  • dislocations
  • subluxations
  • soft tissue damage

If you have suffered a sports-related injury, contact Arrowhead Clinic today. Our chiropractic doctors have over 40 years of experience and specialize in sports injuries. To make a full recovery, it is important to seek treatment as soon as an injury occurs if not before an injury occurs.

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