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Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Nashville, TN

Areas in Nashville, Tennessee that cause the most Traffic Accidents 

Car Accidents occur every single day in the Nashville area, leaving victims with extensive damages to their vehicles, and injuries that can range from mild to life-threatening. 

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How Chiropractic Care Helps With Whiplash After A Car Accident

 Are You Suffering From Whiplash After Being In A Car Accident? 

If you have been in a car accident even though you may think you are not hurt, neck injuries and whiplash can happen in the smallest of accidents. It sometimes may take a few days or even weeks for your body to acknowledge the physical effects of the car crash. To learn more about soreness after a Car Accident, click here.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries to occur in a car accident. It can have extremely negative effects on the body if it is not taken care of as soon as possible.

Whiplash occurs when your head is moved suddenly backward, forwards or side to side. It can destabilize the spine which can cause extreme pain in your head, neck, shoulders, and upper back. If you have been injured in a car accident, it is vital to see a Chiropractor to treat your whiplash systems. We even offer Free Consultations at our Georgia and South Carolina locations.

Free Injury Consultation

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Chiropractic Care

Making Your Chiropractic Adjustments Last 

Going to the Chiropractor a couple of times a week or once a week is probably necessary if you have been in an accident. However, once you have finished treatment, it may be difficult to find the time and money to continue the same regiment. 

But getting adjusted feels great and is great for your health and your muscles memory can end up pulling your joints back out of alignment leaving your spine to settle back into its old pattern.

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How to Handle Medical Bills After A Car Accident

Car and Truck Accidents are one of the leading causes of Personal Injury in Georgia and Tennessee.

At Arrowhead Clinic, we specialize in helping Car Accident victims get the right treatment they need after Auto Accidents and can refer you to great Personal Injury Attorney's to fight for you. 

This post is to help give you better information on how your Medical Care can be taken care of after a Car Accident Injury.

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Sleeping Properly to Help With Neck Pain and Low Back Pain

If you are getting 8 hours of sleep per night your are spending 1/3rd of your life sleeping and either incorrect postural alignment or hurting your spinal position; we can't begin to tell you how many of our Georgia and South Carolina Chiropractic patients improve their Low Back Pain and Neck Pain when they use simple tips to change their sleep position for the better!!

Here are some simple tips to put you into the right sleeping position so you can begin to improve Nagging Neck Pain and Low Back Pain.

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Christmas With Arrowhead Clinic

A Little Christmas Cheer Arrowhead Style

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How Long Do You Have to see a Doctor or Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident?

Waiting is never a good idea when it comes to a Car Accident Injury.

Most professionals advise going to an Accident Doctor or Chiropractor no longer than 72 hours after an accident has taken place because this is regarded as the "reasonable" amount of time by an insurance company.

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How Long Will I Be Sore After A Car Accident?

Car Accidents are over in seconds, but the ramifications of the impact can last for days or even years if the injuries are not treated soon enough.

There are over 4 million emergency room visits reported each year following Car Accidents.

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How You Can Take Care Of Your Back Pain After A Car Accident

Back Pain Is Very Common After A Car Accident

Back Injuries are one of the most prevalent types of injuries after being in a car accident. The spine is a very complex structure, and it is not built to withstand the impact of a Car Accident. The impact strains the ligaments and muscles in the back, and the joints bear the brunt of the force which can cause tearing of the tissues and broken bones.

Many back injuries that occur during a car accident are in need of immediate attention, in some cases surgery may even be required. 

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