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Chiropractic Education for Injuries

When To See A Doctor For Upper Back And Neck Pain

When You Should Seek Immediate Medical Attention For Your Back Or Neck Pain

There are an endless amount of ways you can injure your neck or back.

Luckily, in most instances, they heal pretty quickly.

That stiff neck and the sore back is usually back to normal in a few days.

However, sometimes we aren't so fortunate.

Below, we explore nine reasons you need to take a trip to the doctor's office .

Read our blog post, how to fix a crick in your neck, for more information. 


Table of contents:

We've had all some form of back or neck pain in our lives.

Maybe we slept wrong, and we woke up the next morning with a stiff neck and neck pain.

Or maybe you didn't use proper form when you picked up that heavy box at work, and you tweaked your back.

Sometimes, the pain lingers for days and days with no sign of relief.

So, is it time to be real about your health and see a Chiropractor?

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What Should I Do Immediately After Hurting My Back? 6 Steps to Reduce Pain

6 Steps to Reduce Back Pain

No type of back pain should be overlooked.

Your whole body relies on the health of your back and spine so you want to make sure you treat your pain the right way the first time.

Most pain will go away quickly but if it continues for more than a week or two then you need to seek medical attention.

In this blog, we take a look at 6 important steps to take immediately after experiencing back pain.

Table of contents:

We use our back every day to complete regular activities such as sitting up, lifting, and reaching.

Your back is in use all day long making the tendons, muscles, and ligaments in your back work hard.

That's why the health of the muscles is very important.

These three soft tissue structures need to work synergistically for you to function without pain.

Since they are in constant motion it is common for them to tear, pull or get over-stretched.

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12 Signs That You Should Go See A Chiropractor For Your Back Pain

12 Ways to Tell That It Is Time to See a Chiropractor

If you are dealing with Back Pain, you may think that it is not serious enough to see a chiropractor about it.

However, it could be.

It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you can in order to prevent permanent pain or damage to your body.

In this blog, we highlight 12 signs of back pain that tell you it is time to visit your local back pain doctor.

Table of contents:

There are many sources of pain and dysfunction in the back, and if one of the muscles or joints is injured or inflamed, it can create pain that may be difficult to treat. 

The spine is made up of 24 bones that are connected to muscles and ligaments that create the spinal column. This gives the body its form, function, and also holds and protects the spinal cord. 

If the spine becomes injured, it can cause chronic back pain.

Some symptoms of back pain will scream at you to see a Chiropractor for treatment. 

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