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Consult with a chiropractor before undergoing surgery
Posted by: Dr. Bruce Myers |

6 Reasons To Avoid Surgery...And Go To The Chiropractor Instead

No matter how health-conscious we may be, accidents are bound to happen.

Unless we live a life that never requires us to take any risks or ever leave our home, we're going to get hurt a few times during our lives.

When major accidents happen, our first thought is usually surgery and the recovery time afterward.

Sometimes we think surgery is the only option, and never consider alternatives.

However, there are alternatives, and one of the best is chiropractic care.

If you're suffering from back pain, we discuss chiropractic care vs drugs and surgery for back pain here

Although the misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care are slowly disappearing, many people still believe chiropractic care is only suitable for treating back pain.

People choose surgery over chiropractic care simply because they aren't informed.

Except in extreme, obvious cases, there is little surgery can do for you that chiropractic care can't.

And, chiropractic care is non-invasive without any of the adverse side effects that come with surgery.

6 Reasons To Avoid Surgery And Go To The Chiropractor Instead [Full HD 1080p]

In the article below, we will discuss 6 reasons why you should choose chiropractic care over surgery.

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1. Chiropractic Care Treats The Illness, Not The Symptoms

Unlike conventional medicine, chiropractic care treats the cause of problems, not just the symptoms.

Conventional methods, like pain killers, only mask the pain you experience, and don't do anything to treat the underlying issue.

That's why symptoms tend to go away for good after regular chiropractic care. The symptoms aren't treated, the actual illness is, getting rid of the symptoms for good.

When someone is only taking painkillers and using conventional methods to treat their illnesses, the illness often persists, leading people to think that they need surgery.

Even when people are convinced they need surgery, the thought of the surgery still scares them.

No one wants to be knocked out and cut open.

That's why chiropractic care is an excellent alternative.

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Chiropractic care is all natural and non invasive

2. Chiropractic Care Is Non-Invasive and Safe

A chiropractor's primary tools are his bare hands.

If given the option between being treated with someone's hands or a stainless steel blade, you can guess what 99% of people are going to choose.

Surgery comes with significant side effects and unknown variables. Chiropractic care has popping sounds that make some people a little uneasy.

Even when the surgery is over with, you still aren't off the hook.

Depending on the surgery, you likely have months of rehabilitation to get through before you're back to your old self.

Surgeries don't have a 100% success rate either. Sometimes your condition can get worse after surgery, so you undergo more testing that reveals you need even more surgery.

Now imagine that you chose chiropractic care much sooner.

There is no surgery, no rehab, no pain killers, and no room for error.

Your chiropractor instead keeps your spine aligned and your body functioning at optimum levels using spinal adjustments along with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

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3. Chiropractic Care Can Treat Sciatica

Sciatica is a medical condition that affects thousands of people every year that deals with the sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve is the longest in your body, running from your lower back down through your legs.

The most common symptoms of sciatica are numbness, pain, weakness, and tingling in the leg.

Sharp pains in your lower back can also be a sign of sciatica.

Spinal manipulations have proven to be efficient in treating patients who are suffering from sciatica.

If you opt for surgery to treat sciatica, the surgeon will open up your back to remove a small part of the bone that's on top of the nerve. Then they remove some disc material under the nerve.

This is done to create more room for the nerve to heal.

With chiropractic care, on the other hand, your chiropractor will perform spinal manipulations and apply pressure to a specific joint on your spine.

This relieves you from the pain of your sciatica without the intrusive surgery. And, it helps improve your overall wellness at the same time.

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4. Chiropractic Care Is Cost Efficient

Even if you don't care about the health benefits of chiropractic care, it is going to cost you a lot less than surgery.

On average, surgery ends up costing you ten times more than chiropractic care would.

The most you are likely to pay for a chiropractic session is $200. And that's as high as it gets.

Surgery, on the other hand, costs at least $16,000, and that's on the low end. It's likely to cost much more than that, especially if your insurance doesn't cover all of it.

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5. Chiropractic Care Can Treat Scoliosis

Chiropractic adjustments with muscular rehabilitation can treat scoliosis.

The procedure is crucial in the prevention and development of scoliosis, and chiropractors have been empowered by NGOs to facilitate the treatment of early scoliosis.

Because of the advancements in the field of chiropractic, scoliosis can be treated effectively without the need for surgery.

In fact, studies have shown a 30% drop in scoliosis progression in patients who sought out chiropractic care.

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6. The Evidence Is There

Today's society relies heavily on statistics and research to prove the effectiveness of something.

We want something to be tried and tested before we do it ourselves.

Luckily, the proof is there for chiropractic care.

The Journal of The American Medical Association has even reported that chiropractic care is a proven alternative for surgery.

That report is backed by a study in the Spine Journal that found that 40% of patients who seek immediate care from the chiropractor can avoid surgery.

For people who go to the surgeon first, instead of their chiropractor, only 1.5% avoided surgery.

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Don't delay, see a chiropractor today.

See Your Chiropractor Today

If you're worried you're going to need to go under the knife soon, go ahead and schedule an appointment with your chiropractor.

They will give you a complete physical examination and go over your medical history with you so they can design a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Make sure you visit sooner than later because each day you wait is a day closer that you might be doomed for surgery.

If you don't have a chiropractor, contact the expert team at the Arrowhead Clinic.

They would love to start helping you today.

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