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Chiropractic Care

Local Arrowhead Clinic Serving Rex, GA

Arrowhead Clinic Commitment to Treating Rex Patients

Arrowhead Clinics has successfully served the residents of Rex, Georgia with Chiropractic Care for over 40 years.

Our Medical Chiropractors specialize in treating injuries commonly associated with car accidents, such as Whiplash. These injuries tend to be soft-tissue or musculoskeletal.

Our goal is to offer personalized treatment with the utmost care possible to our Red, Georgia patients. We emphasize on helping patients recover both physically and financially.

What You Should Expect During Your First Visit

If you want to be absolutely confident knowing you are receiving extraordinary chiropractic care for all your injuries and pain symptoms, make sure to schedule a Free Consultation with Dr. Howard at Arrowhead Clinic in Riverdale today.

At your initial visit, you will update your chiropractor with all necessary details of the accident along with your previous medical history. They will then run diagnostic tests to fully understand the extent of your accident injuries.

Once the diagnosis has been completed, your chiropractor will create a specific treatment that is designed for your pain symptoms and injury.

The primary focus is to make sure your body makes a complete, natural recovery.

How Dr. Howard Examines Your Injuries and Provides a Diagnosis

To provide a detailed diagnosis, Dr. Howard will gather as much information from you as he can.

After collecting this information, along with your previous pain symptoms and accident history, Dr. Howard will be able to decide which diagnostic test would be the most beneficial to your recovery.

These tests can range from x-rays to MRI's, among other physical evaluations.

The intention is to treat each Rex, Georgia patient individually and cater treatments to their specific ailments and needs.

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The Injuries and Pain Symptoms our Chiropractors Treat

Chiropractic Care is a noninvasive treatment option that many Rex residents enjoy because of how useful it is without the need for expensive surgery or constant pain medication.

Some common injuries that our Riverdale Chiropractors treat on a daily basis include the following:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sports Injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Slip and fall injuries

How Arrowhead Chiropractors Can Help You Today

Our experienced chiropractors can provide exceptional assistance despite the type of accident you were involved in.

After Dr. Howard has completed his initial exam, he will determine if you may achieve better progress from a different medical procedure and can recommend you to a trusted specialist that Arrowhead Clinic works closely with.

For our Rex, GA car accident patients, we can also refer you to local Personal Injury Attorneys to make sure all your legal rights are met and to ensure you receive any financial compensation that you rightfully deserve. 

Types of Adjustments and Therapies We Use at Our Office

At Arrowhead Clinics, we utilize various treatments to ensure our Rex, GA patients have the greatest opportunity to make a full and natural recovery.

Our chiropractors pride themselves on personalizing their treatments based on your specific condition, so some of the different treatments your chiropractor may prescribe include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Exercise Therapy

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Howard Today

If you live in Rex, GA and have an injury from an auto accident, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Howard in Riverdale today.

Dr. Howard and his professional team will offer you the best chiropractic care possible, with accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment methods.

Utilize the company that has been proudly serving residents of Rex for over 40 years.

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Arrowhead Clinic's Riverdale, Georgia Office is located just 9.5 miles from the center of Rex.

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Lydia Nieves

I have been going to Arrowhead Chiropractor for a few weeks, the workers are so nice and treats the clients very well, especially Mrs. Tammi. They treat you with kindness, respect and they greet you by name. I very well recommend Arrowhead Chiropractor Riverdale to anyone who is need of treatment.

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Lakisha Alpough

This is this best and friendliest staff! I live in Newnan and travel to this clinic. You guys rock!

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